Curator Exhibition Project
Illustration, Print
mars - mai 2022
Prototype of an mobile application to transcribe an illustration in audio format. Designed on Adobe XD.
mars - avril 2022
Urban Bestiary
Project realized for the EPSAA school's open day, mixing at the same time augmented reality with Artivive software, traditional animation with Adobe Photoshop and video mapping with MindMapper.
In collaboration with Rafaelle Fillastre, Julia Koussa and Pauline Lallement.
janvier - mars 2022
SOUVENIRS "Dyptique de la mémoire"
Video work aiming at illustrating 2 pathologies related to memory, dysmnesia and confabulation, by using video projection and video overlay.
Made in collaboration with Pauline Lallement.
novembre - décembre 2021
Comment sont élus les papes ?
Side website of the newspaper La Croix aiming at detailing the different steps during the election of a new pope.
octobre - novembre 2021
Riot scene
Painting and animation exercise in virtual reality. Using videos and archive photos of the April 2008 riots in Montreal as references.
Created with Quill VR software.
décembre 2020 - janvier 2021
Tissus à travers le monde
Video mapping project highlighting the diversity of fabric patterns around the world. Made with Millumin video mapping software.
In collaboration with Constance Muyllaert and Arnaud Brancourt.
mai - juin 2021
Title sequence OVNI(s)
Title sequence created for the TV series OVNI(s), as part of a group project commissioned by Canal +. Made in Adobe After Effects
Created in collaboration with Arnaud Brancourt and Clément Audin.
mars - avril 2021